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Outstanding in every way. A true professional. Britain’s clear goal is to take the organization and planning burden off the family, allowing them to enjoy both the process and the event. She has a wonderful personality style, friendly and understanding but appropriately assertive and result-oriented when required. Britain is extremely well organized and detail oriented. Early in the process, she provided a schedule for completion of tasks and decisions then followed up with reminders to ensure everything and everyone remained on track to guarantee a successful event. She helped us interview and select vendors, reviewed contracts, adeptly established clear expectations for each vendor, utilized her existing relationships to gain access to the best available services and even the best personnel within the vendor organizations. At every step, she was very responsive to calls and questions, often solving problems before we even knew they existed. Perhaps most importantly, she somehow manages the entire organizational process while being highly sensitive to all parties involved. She is adept at balancing relationships, decision making styles and budgets. After months of planning, our event was an astounding success, largely attributable to Britain’s engaging personality and organizational skills. We are extremely pleased and recommend her highly. By the way, she offers various levels of service. Buy the full package so that you have full access to her. She’s beyond worth it and will save you much more money than the cost of her service.
Rick, Father of the Bride

Britain was my guardian angel, chief negotiator, fairy god mother, trusted adviser, therapist and advocate all rolled into one. She literally paid for herself in the amount of money my husband and I saved just by hiring her– via planner discounts from vendors and her expert skills.But she is worth her weight in gold. Britain not only helped me navigate every step of our planning process, but she helped me stay on budget. When you are trying to negotiate with vendors who, on your day, you want to have a healthy relationship with, it is SO HELPFUL to have a polite yet persuasive third party to advocate on your behalf. Britain volunteered to do the toughest jobs every time. And with a smile! She was also so diligent and determined to not just execute my vision, but *understand* it. I was a giant ball of stress the month before my wedding but the day of, I was overcome with a feeling of peace and confidence, because I knew Britain would be making all the decisions truly with my best interest in mind. She was the best money I spent for my 280+ person wedding, and if you hire her, she will most certainly be yours as well!Chelsea, Bride

As the Father of the Bride, you want the wedding weekend to fulfill your daughter’s vision and stay within your budget. Britain made that happen. First, she worked with the bride to refine the vision, and then worked within our budget to make it happen. To do it, she brought us great vendors to choose from: photographers, florists, DJs./Bands, caterers, venues, shuttle operators and hotels. That saved us hours, brought us great choices and gave us confidence. The team our daughter assembled was outstanding and I credit Britain for that! Then comes the day, and with all the moving parts, you have to have someone take charge. Enter Britain. She and team were available yet invisible. They were in control while making it seem to happen naturally. From set-up to ceremony, from reception to dinner, from dancing to exit of the couple and finally, the breakdown, Britain was on top of it all. She directed the entire event while coordinating at least 9 different teams on site. We had a flawless event thanks to Britain!David, Father of the Bride

I grew up in Atlanta so while I know the city like the back of my hand, I was a little nervous planning my Atlanta wedding from North Carolina. When my sister got married 5 years ago she didn’t use a wedding planner so my Mom wasn’t sure that we would use Britain as much as we did. Let me tell you, Britain Lamon is worth her weight in solid gold! Hiring Britain was one of the easiest and best decisions that we made. Her service is exceptional, especially for an out of town bride. Not everyone is willing to meet on Saturday’s & Sunday’s for an out of town bride and due to my schedule I was unable to plan trips to Atlanta during the week. Britain never hesitated when I asked her to quickly run to meet someone and then give me her opinion. I trusted her with so many of my important decisions. She is open, honest, and phenomenal at her job. When my wedding cake baker reneged on making my cakes only a couple of months before the wedding, Britain quickly reached out to another vendor who was able to help me at what felt like the last minute. She is knowledgable about the wedding industry (especially in Atlanta), has contacts that are of the highest quality, and she is such an absolute pleasure to be around. My mom, who tends to “be in control”, was blown away by how Britain was able to put her nerves and mind at ease. I have recommended Britain to all of my friends who have recently gotten engaged and I have done so without batting an eye. Thanks for everything you did for William & I, Britain! We couldn’t have imagined our day without you!Jessie, Bride

Hiring Britain Lamon Events was the easily the best decision I made while planning my international wedding. The instant she came on board a weight of pure stress was lifted from my shoulders. With her, and her obvious competence, I knew nothing would fall through the cracks, and I was right. To put it simply, Britain gave my wedding back to me, allowing me to have the fun experience I’d always imagined when I thought of planning my wedding. Peace of mind is priceless, and Britain filled any and every role necessary to give me that: she recommended amazing vendors, fought to get us the best deals, handled every hiccup that popped up along the way. She let me have all the “fun” parts, while meticulously orchestrating all the details (big and small) that had once given me so many sleepless nights. There was also the bonus of her impeccable taste–her opinion quickly became our secret weapon. All of her tireless, optimistic hard work culminated in a wedding so perfect for us it surpassed even my wildest dreams.
Kylee, Bride

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